A Summertime Lob with The Hair Shop Swansea

Brunette Long Bob Layered Haircut

Last week I took the plunge and finally got my haircut. I’ve been wanting a Lob / Long Bob since last year but never plucked up the courage to cut my locks. Over the last few weeks I had been scouring Pinterest for inspiration and eventually knew exactly the look I wanted. The picture I ended up showing the hairdresser was this one:

Brunette Wavy Long Bob Haircut


I haven’t been to a hairdresser for a cut and blow dry in over 3 years! I normally just go in for a dry cut and then it’s normally only a trim so having this much cut off was really daunting! My friend had been for a haircut the week before and had recommended The Hair Shop, Swansea to me. She had a voucher from Groupon for a Cut & Blowdry for £14.95! Complete bargain! So I jumped on the band wagon and did the exact same.

On the morning I was due for the big chop I really thought I was going to chicken out but as soon as I met the hairdresser I completely relaxed and knew I could put all my faith in him. Kevin Phillipart is definitely a character but by god that man knows what he’s doing! I showed him the photo of what I wanted and he talked me through everything he was going to do and what he thought would suit my face shape and how to work in my fringe.

Kevin spent ages on my hair and even offered me some free highlights because he had some spare time. I politely declined as I had already bought a box dye to go a bit darker before my holidays but said I would definitely pop back to have some lighter tones run through it at a later date.

I’m pretty sure Kevin had no idea I was a Blogger but the customer service was literally out of this world! I don’t think I’ve ever been to a hairdressers before and laughed so much and put my total trust in someone like that. It was a pretty big deal for me as I normally hate people touching my hair.

So here was the final result alongside a photo of what my hair was like before:

Brunette Wavy Long Bob Haircut

I’m completely thrilled with how it turned out and this was the result without using a curling wand just using a hairdryer! So thank you Kevin for putting my faith back into hairdressers! Also Kevin is exceptionally good looking (He totally asked me to write that) I was going to just write a review on Facebook but I thought seeing as I have a Blog it would be daft not to write about it on here too.

So if you’re ever in Swansea I cannot recommend The Hair Shop enough! Don’t forget to tell him Neesha sent you!

What do you think of my new shorter do? Anyone else taking the plunge and having a hair change?


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