How to add Google Adsense & Monetize Your Blog

How to add Google Adsense & Monetize Your Blog

Adsense is a really simple way of monetizing your blog and I will show you a really quick tutorial on how to implement it into your blog layout.

1. Click the ‘Earnings’ tab in Blogger and select ‘Sign Up For Adsense’.

Once you have signed up for your Adsense account you need to do the following:

2. Click Layout > Add a Gadget and Select ‘Adsense’

This will automatically add the relevant code to your blog to display adverts via your Google Adsense account. It’s literally that easy.

Adsense generally offer payments per clicks, so the more attractive and well placed the advert is the more likely people are going to click it for more information. The best place for adverts I find are in the sidebar between relevant content. Too many adverts though can be off putting to readers so make sure you strategically place them in your blog and don’t overfill it with adverts.

I believe you still need to reach $100 before being able to withdraw any money from your Adsense account. This can take quite a while to build up if your current hits are low but the more you plug your blog and build up viewers this should be easier to reach.

Warning! DO NOT under any circumstances click your own advert links. Google do track these and disable accounts that do not comply to their policies. Unfortunately a 14 year old Neesha made this mistake and I can no longer use Google Adsense to monetize my blog.

Do any of you currently use Google Adsense or do you use other advert sites to monetize your blog?

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