How to Enable Pinterest Rich Pins for your Blog

How to Enable Pinterest Rich Pins for your Blog

I’ve really got into Pinterest lately and have seen just how much it can influence your Blog traffic. I also recently discovered Pinterest Rich Pins.

What are Rich Pins?
Rich Pins are pins with added information that is taken directly from your website and attached to the Pin itself. These are what my Rich Pins look like compared to a normal pin:

How to Enable Pinterest Rich Pins for your Blog - Normal Pin

A normal pin has the basic information such as the website address and an image description.

How to Enable Pinterest Rich Pins for your Blog -Pinterest Rich Pin

A Pinterest Rich Pin has your Blog Title, Favicon along with Blog Link and Description of what that post is about.

Having these enhanced pins with more information should hopefully drive more traffic towards your Blog in the long run. It’s really easy to implement and use Rich Pins so if your interested in updating them carry on reading for the full tutorial.


1. First up you need to make sure you are using Meta Tags for your Blog. In Blogger go to Settings > Search Preferences > Meta Tags and enable description. Write a brief description of your Blog here making sure it is under 150 characters.

2. When writing a new post or updating an old post to register for Rich pins you need to make sure that the ‘Search Description’ box has been completed with a relevant line or two describing what the post is about. This is what will be displayed in the light grey box for your new Rich Pins. If you do not complete this then Pinterest will automatically use the first few lines of your blog post instead.

3. Go to Template > Edit HTML > Click Ctrl F and in the search box type:
<b includable id=’post’ var=’post’>

Underneath that line of code you need to copy and paste the following:

4. Click Save

5. Now you need to get your new coding validated by Pinterest. Click here to be taken to the Rich Pin Validator.

6. Enter a URL of your latest blog post and click Validate. It doesn’t really matter which link you use and you only need to do this once. After Validating a message will appear saying your link has been validated. Then click ‘Apply Now’. A pop up will appear with your blog’s details and just click apply again.

7. Pinterest will email you once you have applied. Pinterest does say it can take about a week for your new Rich Pins to start showing up.

That’s it! You’re done and ready to start pinning like a Pro!

If you found this Tutorial helpful please don’t forget to share across Social Media and you can request future Tutorials as well.

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