Where To Find Products To Review For Your Blog

Where To Find Products To Review For Your Blog

Sometimes I find the Blogging world to be quite *hush hush* when it comes to sharing how they got hold of some of the products they have received from companies. So I decided to share a few of the ways I track down products to review. Some of you may already use all these outlets but I’m hoping that it will help some of you ‘get a foot in the door.’ Being any type of Blogger, especially beauty or fashion can be quite costly when it comes to showcasing new products on your blog. Reviewing products for companies and brands is a great way to keep your content bulky and never run out of things to write. Saying that it is by no means easy. This is not a post for Bloggers / People looking to get ‘free stuff’, this is to enable those bloggers who have built up their blog and are ready to branch out and start expanding their reach. Before applying for assignments, think about whether you really have the time to do this product review and if it fits in with your blog. There’s nothing worse than reading a blog and seeing a completely random product being reviewed that clearly isn’t relevant. I am by no means an expert and have been blogging for a relatively short amount of time, this is just what works for me. Disclaimer out the way and on with the post.

Bloggers Required

Bloggers required is a website that lists blogging assignments available to all bloggers. These can range from home & garden to health & beauty and so much more. The available assignments vary greatly but it’s a great website to keep checking back on. If you register to their website you can also receive emails with exclusive assignments that are not available to others. You do not need masses of followers or hits to apply for these assignments (although some do state particular stats that they require for that assignment). Simply select the one that you feel fits you and your blog and complete the application form. You will either hear back from the company or not. That simple.

The Bloggers Love Hub
The Bloggers Love Hub is a website that particular companies have registered their interest in as an outreach to bloggers. You need to register to be able to use this site and it’s services but once you are a registered member you can apply for specific products to be sent by brands for you to review. The Bloggers Love Hub also hold a Twitter Party now and again that is specifically for registered members only. The last twitter party included gifting from brands such as Magnitone, Sebamed & Alexis Underwear. I really enjoyed the last Twitter party and would definitely recommend Bloggers Love Hub.

Twitter Opportunities

I find that Twitter is an excellent way to communicate with brands. It’s so easy and efficient and nearly all big companies and brands have a twitter account you can contact them on. Brands are using Twitter more and more to source and scout out Bloggers that are active on social media and post regularly. My top tip when it comes to Twitter is to keep your eyes peeled. You just don’t know what opportunities may be around the corner.

These are just a small number of ways to get in contact with companies and brands to review products for them and these are the ones that work for me.

* I only ever apply for campaigns and assignments that I feel are relevant to my blog and that I have a genuine interest in. If I feel it’s not something I’m interested in I will turn it down.

What’s your favourite way or sourcing products to review? Or do you prefer the brands to come to you?

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