My Favourite Blog Posts To Read

My Favourite Blog Posts To Read

There are so many different bloggers out there posting a whole range of content to the internet daily, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of who’s posting what. I try and post every other day and I post what I enjoy to write but don’t always stop and think about what others want to read. I thought I’d put together a post of what I enjoy to read and what really sucks me in when reading a blog.

Life & Thoughtful
I love honest from the heart posts that make me question something I have already thought differently on. Recently Zoe London has sucked me in with her thoughtful and honest posts that give an insight into being a full time blogger. I love how down to earth she comes across and she tells it with such honesty that you really feel like she’s talking directly to you.

A Pretty Picture
If your photography is on form then I am a sucker for your blog! I love looking at pretty pictures of products and homeware all laid out on beautiful white backgrounds with hints of gold and marble. Two blogs I keep going back to for this reason are Ghost Parties & From Roses. These two ladies have perfected the art of the perfect picture.

A Little Bit Geeky
I love following techy tutorials as I am constantly tweaking and updating my blog. My favourite blog for this is Xomisse. The tutorials on the site literally cover everything you could think of editing on your blog and more. I’m always popping back there for inspiration or just to jog my memory on how I edited something if I want to change it.

Pick Me Up
If I’m having a crappy day there is one lady I always turn to and that is Hannah Gale. Her blog is just full of honest, relatable and damn right funny posts. I love her comedy / lifestyle posts the most and she makes killer wish lists as well. Hannah writes as I imagine she would talk and she’s someone I can totally relate to.

Green Eyed Monster – Travel Edition
I love looking at travel blog posts and all the pictures of beautiful tropical scenery. If there is one girl in this blogging world that I envy it is Rosie a.k.a The Londoner. Her blog is always full of beautiful pictures in tropical locations and I am completely in awe of the lifestyle she portrays. I always find myself scrolling through her posts envious of her looks, where she travels to and even her pooch friend Mr. Custard. She’s the kind of blogger I love to hate.

These are the main type of posts that I normally read and find myself continually coming back to. I also love beauty reviews, event coverage and I’m always up for something a bit controversial.

What type of blog posts are your favourite to read? Do you have one blog you find yourself continually going back to for more?

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