Nail HQ Cuticle Oil, Nail Growth & Nail Strengthener

Nail HQ Cuticle Oil, Nail Growth & Nail Strengthener

Nail HQ Cuticle Oil, Nail Growth & Nail Strengthener

Nail HQ Cuticle Oil* – £5.99

Nail HQ Nail Growth* – £6.99

Nail HQ Nail Strengthener* – £6.99

I hate my nails. They snap and break so easily and I’ve never gotten out of my nail biting habit. I’ve tried nail strengtheners before and I’ve noticed a difference for a while but when my nails get to a certain length they seem to just break again. This makes me one sad Neesha. I’ve got so many beautiful nail polishes and I feel like my stumpy, bitten, broken nails just don’t do my gorgeous colours any justice.  So when Nail HQ offered me to try some of their products I practically bit their hands off in acceptance. I was sent the Cuticle Oil, Nail Grow Polish & Nail Strengthener.

Is it sad that the first thing I loved is that they were all different colours? They were just so aesthetically pleasing to look at! I pretty much ripped them out of their packaging to try them out that day. I’ve decided to review them as separate products but in this one post… hope you don’t mind that.

Nail HQ Cuticle Oil

I’ve never ever used a Cuticle oil before so this was all new to me. The cuticle oil should be carefully applied in a small bead around the cuticle area (the edge of the fingernails) and gently massaged in and this should be repeated as necessary. Come to think of it I have had cuticle oil used on me when I’ve had my nails done professionally. I think this is quite an easy product to use. You can just pick it up as and when as you don’t need to wait for it to dry like a polish. Also being an oil it doesn’t have a scent so you could easily use this when your out and about without stinking a room out. If you have very dry cuticles then this is a product you need to invest in. I probably wouldn’t purchase this product myself as my cuticles are pretty healthy anyway so I don’t see the need for this in my nail care routine.

Nail HQ Growth Polish

The growth polish can be applied as a base coat before applying your chosen colour on top of it. The growth varnish took a little longer to dry than the strengthener one but it wasn’t so long that it was inconvenient. The growth polish had quite a strong typically nail polish remover sort of smell but if it makes my nails grow then it wouldn’t put me off using it. Since I last painted my nails and applied the growth polish, which was about a week ago, my nails have actually grown quite a considerable amount. I’d bitten them so low down that they were quite sore, they are still short but I can definitely see that they have grown and the only reason for this would be down to the growth polish. I can honestly say that this a product I would definitely invest in again.

Nail HQ Strengthener

The Strengthener is very straight forward to use, just apply to the nails and leave to dry and then add your coloured nail polish on top of it. What I was most impressed about straight away was how quickly it dried. I didn’t have to wait long at all before applying my chosen colour. I’m so impatient when it comes to painting my nails so adding this step didn’t add to the time it takes at all. The nail strengthener had a weaker smell compared to the growth polish which I really liked. Even after a few days of using the nail strengthener I noticed how much harder my nails felt, normally I can bend them so easily but they are currently solid. I’m really pleased with how well the strengthener works combined with the growth polish and I will definitely purchase this again.

So to sum it all up, I am in love with the Strengthener and Growth Polish but would probably not invest in the cuticle oil. I’d definitely love to try some more products from the Nail HQ range. I’m thinking of going for the All In One & Protect & Repair next time I’m in Boots. To see the full range of available products check out the Nail HQ website here.

Have you tried any Nail HQ products? What do you use to keep your nails healthy and strong?

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  1. April 27, 2015 / 6:11 pm

    I've literally just gotten out of the habit of biting my nails and they are starting to really grow but they're definitely weak. I actually love the sound of all 3 of these – definitely going to look into them. Great post x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

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