My Top 3 Travel Bucket List Destinations

My Top 3 Travel Bucket List Destinations

I really am not the Wanderlust kind but there are 3 very special places on this Earth that are on my bucket list and that I want to visit before.. well you know. (I pop my clogs)

If you are a close friend / family member or long time reader of this blog you will know that at the very top of my Travel Bucket List is the most magical place on this planet… well to me it is anyway. 


Disneyland Florida

For me this has always been the ultimate dream destination. If I ever magically learn the art of saving or come into some nice sums of money, the first thing I would do is book my trip to Disneyland Florida. If (when) the day comes that I actually get to go there I would probably cry my eyes out in excitement. I’ve been to Disneyland Paris numerous times at all different ages but there is just something about America and Disneyland Florida in particular that makes me feel all excited and child like again.


The Swimming Pigs Of The Bahamas

So this is fairly new to my Travel Bucket List and it’s all because of that Expedia advert. I have an absolute love for pigs and got to hold a micro pig on a trip to Cornwall and I’ve been obsessed even more since then. When I saw that there were swimming pigs in the Bahamas I knew I had to go and see them! What could be better than sipping a cocktail in the sun and then dipping into the cool lush blue water for a swim with the piggies. My definite idea of heaven right there!


The Northern Lights from Finland

Everyone I know that has been to this magical haven has described it as a once in a lifetime experience. I couldn’t think of anything more beautiful on this Earth than the Northern Lights. I would love to stay in the luxury Glass Igloos in Finland and see the Northern Lights from there. I’m not one for being cold but to be able to see something so magnificent would be worth freezing for!

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What are your Top 3 Travel Bucket List destinations? Have you been to any of my listed places?

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