How Bedding Can Really Change A Bedroom

Me and my partner are currently in the process of having the bathroom re-done (I say me, it’s pretty much all him) but I already have my sights set on changing different rooms of the house. The next room I want to get my D.I.Y hands on is the bedroom. I’ve only been living in the house 3 years and it had a full makeover then but I feel like I rushed choosing the bedroom wallpaper and I am now unhappy with how it looks. It doesn’t compliment the room at all and nothing really ties in together. I really love the minimalist / white chic look so I thought I would put together an idea board of how I see the bedroom looking once it’s finished.


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1. B&Q Brick Wall White Vinyl Wallpaper – £20

I have fallen in love with this wallpaper. I think it looks really effective and would add another texture to the bedroom.

2. George Home Copper Origami Pendant Light Shade – Sold Out

I’m beyond gutted that this is sold out and I’m hoping they get some back in stock asap because I have to own it! Copper is everywhere at the moment and the new must have.

3. Ikea Leirvik Bed Frame – £90

This is the bed frame I currently have from Ikea and I know it is a Blogger favourite. I’m really happy I bought it and I still love it!

4. Ikea Birkeland Bedside Table – £60

I currently only have one bedside table and it’s pretty battered and worn now so I would love a set that match and Ikea prices are pretty amazing.


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5. George Home Heart String Lights – £10

I currently have a set of floral lights strung from my bed but they aren’t looking too fresh anymore. These would be a perfect replacement.

6. Yorkshire Linen Minimalist Bedding Sets – From £11.99

I absolutely love this bedding set. The simplicity of it with the small red heart detail and the imprint is perfect for the look I’m after.

7. George Home Rabbit Lamp – £25

This lamp is just beyond cute! This is a must have for me.

8. Gifts & Pieces Unicorn Jewellery Dish – £8.90

I absolutely love all the jewellery dishes that Gifts & Pieces have but I think this Unicorn dish with the gold detailing is perfect.

9. George Home Letter N Cushion – £5

10. George Home Letter G Cushion – £5

11. George Home Heart Cushion – £5

ASDA are currently killing it in the cushion department. I’ve seen so many that I want now but I thought these 3 would be perfect together and also match the bedding! At £5 each as well that are such a bargain.

The best part of the minimalist / white chic look is that if I want to add a pop of colour all I have to do is change the bedding and it will look like a completely different room. Something so simple and inexpensive to do and you can constantly change it around to get the look you want.

I can’t wait to start work on the bedroom and achieve this White Minimalist Chic look!

What’s your favourite thing about your bedroom? What would you describe your ideal bedroom as?

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  1. March 23, 2015 / 1:28 pm

    I completely agree, our house is rented and furnished so we can only change the accessories. It completely changes a room

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