Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Face Mask

Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Face Mask

Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask – £23.00

On a recent trip to Bristol I couldn’t help but get lost in the beauty department of House of Fraser. The nearest store to home is an hours drive away so whilst in Bristol I took the opportunity to explore the wonderful world of ‘high end beauty’.

I’ve been saying for ages how I’ve either wanted to invest in a product from Origins, Clarins or Clinique. As you can see I chose to invest in a beauty product from Origins. In particular the Origins Clear Improvement active charcoal face mask that promises to ‘clear pores’.

I have really large pores and any product that promises to banish, calm or clear them is always one I am drawn to. I literally couldn’t wait to try this clay mask out but managed to wait until I got home from my roadtrip to get a photo of the product first.

The suggested way to use the product is to take a warm moist towel and wipe this over the face before applying the mask to open up the pores. Then layer on the mask and wait for it to dry before thoroughly rinsing off.

I followed the instructions to the letter and was very pleased with the results.

The mask dries very hard so you can clearly tell when it is time to wash the product off which I like. I literally couldn’t even move my face once the mask had dried. I imagined it would be what life with botox would be like but in the extreme case.

I used my hot flannel to wash the mask off and my skin felt so soft and smooth afterwards, Always a good sign it’s doing the job.

With regards to clearing out my pores I have actually noticed a slight difference, which I am thrilled about (especially as the product was £23!) I have only used the product once but found that when applying makeup the next day my pores didn’t seem to be getting more defined by the makeup but sort of blended out well.

I’m definitely going to continue to use the product as the suggested once a week. I’m hoping to see even more benefits if I continue to use the mask as part of my skincare routine. My fingers are tightly crossed that it will keep my pores clean and clear and hopefully prevent any more skin breakouts.

Have you tried any Origins products? Which one is your favourite or which would you love to try?

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  1. February 26, 2015 / 7:58 pm

    I'd love to try this! Origins masks are high up on my wishlist, I just haven't decided which one I want to splash out on yet. I was intending to get the 3 mask set they always have around Christmas, but it sold out before I could, boo 🙁

    Milly // Mini Adventures

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