20 Blog Post Ideas (For those with writers block)

20 Blog Post Ideas

At some point everyone will face writers block. The hard part is getting over it and moving on with your ideas and getting them down on paper / typed up. I’ve compiled a handy little list of blog topic ideas for when your brain has run dry.

1. Monthly Favourites
A very popular one in the blogging / vlogging world. At the end of the month compile all the items together that you have been really loving over the past month and talk about them.

2. Life Lessons
Have you learnt something over the past few days that is worth sharing. Then let your readers know about it and how it has affected you.

3. Haul 
A ‘haul’ is the term used for when you have purchased lots of new things. Put them altogether and you have a new post. Write about what you’ve bought, where from and at what price.

4. Instagram Roundup
If you’re an avid Instagram user compile all of last months photos into a collage to share on your blog and talk about what you got up to. Also a good way to promote your appearance on other social media applications.

5. Cookery / Baking
If you’re into cooking or baking why not try out a new recipe or cake mix, photograph your success along with how to for your readers to try themselves.

6. Things to do in…
Nobody knows your home town better than you do. Why not share all the greatest places to go and things to do in your area.

7. Get Crafty
Are you a pinterest lover like me? Everything looks so perfectly placed and put together. Why not try out a craft yourself and show your readers just how easy it is. Pinterest fail? Well that’s definitely worth sharing too!

8. Style It
If your a keen fashion blogger why not show how you would style this seasons must have. You don’t even need to spend a penny. Just scour the internet for all the latest trends and compile a collage of your favourite items as a complete outfit.

9. New Years Resolutions Recap
Did you announce any New Years resolutions on your blog? Let your readers know how you are getting on and if you actually stuck to any of them.

10. Seasonal Posts
Some similar posts will come up every year be it for Valentines Day, Halloween or Christmas. Don’t forget to join in with the hype and create your own seasonal post.

11. Wish List
I love a good nose at people’s wishlists. Compile a list or collage of all the items you would buy if someone just suddenly handed you a wad of cash. You can make these as lavish or simple as you want. That’s the joy of a wish list, it’s yours.

12. Bucket List
A bucket list is a list of all the things you want to do before you die. Maybe slightly morbid but you can list all the places you’d love to go and things you’d love to do. The ultimate wish lists.

13. Book Roundup
If you love to read and get through a few books a month, share your favourite and have a rating system so your readers know which ones are worth buying to read themselves.

14. TAG
There are lots of TAG style posts floating around that you can do. They are basically questions that you answer and then post of your blog for your readers to get to know you better.

15. App’s I Love…
Write about your most used app’s on your phone or tablet and why you use them so often.

16. Routine
Whether your into beauty or fitness, write about a routine you have such as an evening makeup cleanse or a pre shower workout. It’s always interesting to know.

17. What’s in my handbag?
As the title suggests this post is to show others the contents of your handbag. What essentials do you carry around with you at all times?

18. Home Inspiration
Choose a room in your home / future dream house that you want to do some d.i.y to. Make a collage of all the items you want in it and how it would eventually look with textures and colour scheme.

19. Share your Blogging Wisdom
If you’ve been blogging for a month or for 6 years you already have a knowledge of the blogging world behind you that someone new to this online community won’t. Share your tips & advice on how you have got to where you have.

20. Tutorials
If you’re a girl who knows her CSS from her HTML then why not write a blog post showing people how they can customiser their blogger in step by step tutorials.

Last but very not least… ‘BE YOU. BE CREATIVE. HAVE FUN’

This is your space on the internet to do with what you want. There are no rules or restrictions. If it means something to you then write about it and show your passion. Don’t feel held back or tied into ‘conforming’. Just be yourself and everything else will fall into place.

What is your favourite type of post to write? What leaves you feeling the most inspired and accomplished?

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    • February 14, 2015 / 7:21 pm

      also love that an idea for a blog post is writing a blog post about ideas for a blog post hahah! xo

  1. February 15, 2015 / 12:34 am

    Bookmarking this for future reference 🙂

  2. February 15, 2015 / 11:36 am

    Ditto ha thanks for this! Very useful. I feel like blog posts are like buses, you wait to write a good one for ages and then you get loads of ideas at once! Thanks for posting this! xx

  3. February 19, 2015 / 2:38 pm

    Great post! Really helpful 🙂


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