A new year rolling in means one thing, New Years Resolutions *cue the groans and moans*

I’ve never really been one for New Years Resolutions. I haven’t written a list and sworn to myself that I will cut these things out of my life for the next year. I did join the gym last January and it started off really well, as with all life changes. I think I ended up cancelling my contract after 6 months because I just couldn’t find the motivation to keep going.

This year though I am going to write out some resolutions and (not) stick to them.

So here are my, Neesha Rees’, New Years Resolutions for 2015:

I will (attempt to) save some money to put aside in case of emergencies / to save towards a holiday to Disneyland Florida. 

I will continue this blog and not let it fall to the wayside like all my other ventures, If I’m still writing posts and updating my blog this time next year that will be a huge success.

I will go to the cinema at least once a month to see the latest blockbuster and will remember the title of the film in the trailer that I always say ‘Ooo that looks good to’ but never get around to watching.

I will sell any old item of clothing before purchasing any new ones. That way I wont have an overflowing wardrobe and possibly a more healthy bank account. My old clothes can fund new ones. My most genius idea yet!

I will read more. A new book each month. So if you have any recommendations on books you’ve read I would love to hear them! I’m so out of the loop on the latest and greatest when it comes to the good old paperback.

I will binge watch television series’ in bed, in my onesie, eating chocolate and drinking coke and I will not feel guilty for it. ‘Me’ days are important too.

I will seriously seriously try to get fit and lose a stone. I’ll really try but I’m not making any promises on this one. I certainly will not be joining the gym but I will be making use of the exercise bike in the house.

So that’s it.. I’m pretty sure that’s enough for me to try and deal with next year. Resolutions don’t have to be boring and mundane things. Make them fun so you will want to stick to them. Going to the cinema once a month is definitely something I’m looking forward too.

I also hope nobody is too hungover today. Best cure though for me is a Big Mac Meal from Mc Donalds.. yum yum! (Make it your cheat day if your setting some weight loss & healthy eating goals)

Have you set yourself any resolutions for this New Year? Have you kept one from last year?

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