How to search for specific code in blogger

How to search for and find strings of code in the Edit HTML section of Blogger…

To be able to customize and edit your blog fully you need to be able to use the Edit HTML section of your blog. You don’t necessarily need to learn HTML itself but you do need to know how to search for certain terms in order to edit them.

Luckily for us Google has implemented a very easy to use tool to enable us to quickly scan through the coding to find a certain string of html and narrow down your search even further.

To start you need to login to your blogger account. Select the ‘Template’ tab and then select ‘Edit HTML’

You should see a page looking a little something like this:

Searching for code in Blogger

If you don’t know code or HTML do not be alarmed. I know all this unfamiliar jargon looks pretty scary at first but you will soon learn some of the basics.

If you are following any online tutorial for blogger edits it will require you to look for specific parts of coding to do this simply click ‘CTRL + F’ on the screen that looks like the screenshot above.

A handy little search bar will then pop up which will allow you to type in the string of code that you are looking for:

Searching for html in blogger

Blogger will then direct you to that part of the code instantly.

For example if I am looking for <b:skin> . I will type that into the search bar and then click enter. My blogger account has now shown up the coding that I am after like this:

Editing Html and coding in Blogger

The code you are looking for will then be highlighted for you to see it easily.

See.. easy! 

So now you know when following a tutorial what to do when they ask you to look for certain parts of code. This will save you a heck of a lot of time instead of scanning and scrolling through the pages and pages of code.

Next Friday’s tutorial will be : How to add a divider in between blog posts.

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As always if you want to request any future tutorials just leave me a comment below.

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