Not all of these are drinking games but I’m pretty sure you could turn them into drinking games if you wanted to…

New Years Eve & House Party Games


First up is one of my favourites and definitely most played at house parties. It involves lots of drinking.. my kind of game. Rules vary and can be adapted to whatever you like.

What you need to play:
A pint glass

A pack of cards

How to play:

Set your pint glass in the middle of a table / floor / wherever you are playing and spread the cards out around the glass ensuring all cards are touching. Rule 1 is you cannot break the circle at any point. If the circle is broken you have to down your drink. Each player takes it in turns to draw a card from the deck. Each card stands for something and a mini game is played. For example if you draw a 2 in my version of the game you have to nominate someone to drink 2 fingers of their drink. The best part of the game is that you can set what you have to do for each card number. If a King is drawn (this is where the pint glass comes in) you have to pour some of your drink into the pint glass in the centre. Whoever draws the final King in play has to drink whatever is in the pint glass. Normally by this point everyone is very drunk.

Click here to see an external site with their version of the rules. The version myself and friends play is very similar but we have altered some of the cards.

New Years Eve & House Party Games


I’m very new to this game as the first time I played was in a pub on Christmas Eve, but it is literally one of the best group games I have EVER downloaded! Hours of fun can be had and it’s Free!

What you need to play:

Heads Up Free Game Download from the App Store

How to play:

Heads Up is a word describing game. You can play with any number of people and it really is hours of entertainment. Basically you hold your phone or tablet with the screen facing the group you are playing with. Words will come up on the screen based on the selected category you have chosen, such as, Holidays or Animals. The group then have to describe that word to you without saying the word itself. Simple! There are also categories where you cannot speak at all and have to act out the given word (which is absolutely hilarious) My favourite thing about the app is that it films your entire game so you can watch it back and laugh at your friends trying to act out a Woolly Mammoth. This game is amazing and I would 100% recommend it to anyone.

New Years Eve & House Party Games


This is a game I have played every New Years Eve for the past 3 years and it really never gets old. Hilarious for all ages and everyone can get involved. If your super competitive like me and my friends you will also burn off some calories! No time to start that New Years Resolution like New Years Eve itself.

What you need to play:

A Wii

Raving Rabbids TV Party 

How to play:

As long as you have 4 controllers you can have 4 people competing against each other. You play as the Raving Rabbids and complete challenges to score the highest points. The game does require some serious amount of energy and a bit of space so you aren’t all bumping into each other. The TV Party version of the game has loads of different challenges to complete such as walking the catwalk, horse racing and zombie slaying. It has hilarious animations and really gets you in the partying mood. You can also form a band and play your favourite hits. 

New Years Eve & House Party Games


A card game for those who are a little bit twisted and don’t get easily offended. This game is not suitable for children and should only be played by those who are the spawn of the devil. 

What you need to play:

The Official card game can be purchased here
Or download and make your own deck for free here

I haven’t actually played Cards Against Humanity before but I have downloaded, printed and cut out a full deck of the cards ready to play on New Years Eve. I literally can’t wait to play it. I have heard lots about it and think it’s the perfect game for me and my friends. None of us are easily offended and we are all pretty much going to hell anyway so we have nothing to lose!

What are your favourite house party games? Let me know if there’s anything you think me and my friends would love this New Years Eve.

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  1. December 30, 2014 / 10:25 pm

    LOVE ring of fire!!! I am dying to try cards against humanity, I think it would be hilarious xx

    Abi |

  2. December 31, 2014 / 11:48 am

    I am obsessed with HEADS UP!! Played it all Christmas! It's amazing – especially after a few too many!! haha xx

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