TMI TAG (Too Much Information)

The TMI Tag – Too Much Information as nominated by Shannon of Lipgloss & Love

Reinventing Neesha

What am I wearing?

Asos Blue Textured dress with a burgundy cardigan from Primark with black tights and brown New Look boots.

Ever been in love?

Yes ♥

Ever had a terrible break-up?

Uchh.. yes!

How tall am I?
5ft 6

How much do I weigh?

Too much right now

Any Tattoos?

I have a large side tattoo of roses, leaves and a butterfly. I also have swirls and a music note on my right foot.

Any piercings?

I have my earlobes pierced and 2 helix piercings on my right ear.


Um.. you what?

Favourite Shows?

Hollyoaks, Casualty & The Walking Dead

Favourite Musicians/Bands?

Death Cab for Cutie, Cut Ribbons, Regina Spektor, The 1975

Something I miss?

My self confidence

Favourite song right now?
George Ezra – Budapest

How old am I?
24 going on 25 in December

Zodiac Sign?


Quality I look for in a partner?

He has to make me feel at ease and make me laugh

Favourite quote?

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

Favourite Actor?

Ryan Gosling

Favourite Colour?


Loud or soft music?


Where do I go when I’m sad?

Back to bed

How long does it take me to shower?

10-15 minutes

How long does it take to get ready in the morning?

1 hour minimum!

Ever been in a physical fight?


Turn on?

Nice smile

Turn off?


Reason I started blogging?

I lost my job and found myself with nothing to fill my time



Last thing that made me cry?

Just a general down day and I had a sob

Last time I said I loved someone?

Reinventing Neesha

Meaning behind my blog name?

It’s all about me starting over after losing my job

Last book I read?

The Shock of the Fall – Amazing read!

Book I’m currently reading?

I’m not! Shame on me

Last show I watched?

Waterloo Road

Last person I talked to?

Gaz the Drum Tutor at Cadno Music

The relationship between you and the person I last texted?

The Father

Favourite Food?

Mc Donalds

Place I want to Visit?

Disneyland Florida!

Last place I was?


Do you have a crush?


Last time I was insulted?

Not sure but probably at some point today

Favourite flavour of sweet?


What instrument do I play?

None currently

Favourite piece of jewellery?

My pandora ring

Last sport I played?

Ha.. Don’t make me laugh!

Last song I sang?

Regina Spektor – Us

Favourite chat up line?

Have I ever used it?

No no

Last time I hugged someone?

Last night

Who should answer these questions next?

Levi Jade

That was a long Tag!



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