DEPOP : Selling Review

A quick review of my experience selling through the app Depop.

I downloaded the app last Saturday and was hooked straight away. I literally couldn’t wait start snapping photos of my items to upload for selling.

I spent around half an hour taking photos of items that I wanted to sell and had over 40 items uploaded within an hour! The app is so straight forward and easy to use. 

Click, Upload, Write a Description, Set a Price, Set Postage Costs & Confirm.

It’s literally that simple! If you have the photo ready I’d say it takes 10 seconds to upload an item for selling.

So my 40 items were sitting my little selling space just waiting for a buyer.

Within the first hour I already had 30 new followers and a message from someone asking if I was willing to swap. Having not actually sold anything yet I decided to hold back on the swaps.

I officially sold my first item on Tuesday, which I was thrilled about.

Brown Map Print Watch
Brown Strap Map Atlas Print Watch

The money went straight into my Paypal account and I was emailed the buyers postage details. Depop also took their commission directly from the amount that came in. Which I thought was amazing, that way I can’t spend what isn’t actually mine. I found this part so much better than Ebay who just send an invoice at the end of the month.

Depop get’s a huge thumbs up from me. I’m definitely going to be using this app a lot more regularly for my sales.

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