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So on Saturday night I found myself browsing the internet and came across an advert for depop. I went straight to the play store and downloaded the app. I have now been using the app for 48 hours and this is what I have found from using it. This is a basic guide for all noobs life myself.

What is depop?
Depop is an app sort of similar to Ebay where you upload items you want to sell. The difference between depop and ebay is that depop is not an auction style site. It is more like an online store where you set prices and postage for items and if they sell great, if they don’t they can just sit there forever.

How do I sign up?
Depop does not have an official website. The uniqueness of depop is that it is only done through a free downloadable app. Currently available to Android and Apple phone users. (Click here to be directed to the download store.)

Does it cost?
It is 100% completely free to sign up to depop.

How much is it to list an item?
Unlike Ebay, Depop allows you to list as many things as you want and at any price you want completely free of charge! I know amazing. I’m going to save myself a fortune on Ebay fees.

Well how to Depop make any money?
Once you have a confirmed sale and the buyer has sent money to your paypal account depop take a tiny 10% of the profit. Wayyyy more affordable than Ebay!

Are there any hidden charges?
Not at all! But don’t forget Paypal take a small fee as well.

So those are the very basis for getting you started on the site. I’ve managed to list around 50 items and it probably took me an 1/8th of the time it would have taken to list them on Ebay. So far so good.

Pro’s of Depop:
♥ Cheaper than Ebay
♥ Free to list
♥ Online community
♥ You set the price you want
♥ You can negotiate with sellers on prices to bag a bargain
♥ You can sell used Make-Up (which legally you can’t do on Ebay)
♥ You can post items direct to your twitter and facebook (easy to show friends what you are selling)

Con’s of Depop:
♥ It’s hard to find something specific you are looking for (too many users use irrelevant tags to up the exposure of the item they are selling)

So far I am pleased with my depop experience. I haven’t sold anything yet but have purchased 3 items. I will write another post and let you know how I get one with my buying and selling experience.

Do you have a depop account? Let me know as I would love to check it out. You can find me under @blingringboutique


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