A list of essential beauty products I make sure I
never run out of.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – I bought this product back in May before going on holiday and it has
lasted me ages. It is very new to my beauty routine but is something I will
continue to use. I used to only use make-up wipes (shock, horror!) but I now
use the Micellar Water to make sure I have got every last inch of makeup off my

Batisse Dry Shampoo – I
remember the first time someone showed me this product and that was probably a
good 6 years ago now. I couldn’t believe it. Shampoo in a can! I was skeptical but I
literally cannot now imagine life without it. It gives life back to second day
unwashed hair and keeps my fringe from looking blah! Thank the beauty gods for
this miracle creation.

Simple Kind To Skin Make Up Wipes – I
chop and change which brand I use all the time. I use the make up wipe to get
as much slap off my face as possible and then go over with the Micellar Water
to make sure none is left behind to clog up my already clogged pores.

Clearasil Daily Facial Scrub – This
is another product I am constantly trying from different brands. At the moment
I’m loving this one. I use it every morning to make sure I have a clean and
clear base to work with before applying make up. Not really sure if it helps or
doesn’t help my spots but it definitely leaves feels my face feeling smoother.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Styling Spray- I’ve
been using this product for the last year on wet hair before drying and on my
dry hair before straightening to avoid further damage to my battered locks. I
didn’t realise how important this product was to my hair care routine until I
ran out of it once and nearly cried. My hair didn’t feel anywhere near as
smooth as it normally does once I’ve used the product. I have now learnt my
lesson and will never run out of this again!

Nivea Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream – This is a product I wish my mother had told me to use from a much
younger age. I’m currently loving this one by Nivea. I feel such a difference
to my skin when I have used it. It makes it feel much softer and smoother. I
use this product every morning before applying my make up. Having a good
moisturiser is definitely better investing in than an Urban Decay Naked

What beauty products do you make sure you never run out of?



  1. October 8, 2014 / 9:42 am

    i need to have my make up wipes and dry shampoo on deck, i always stock up on them because i need the two constantly.

  2. October 8, 2014 / 9:20 pm

    i always have dry shampoo on hand!

    helen at

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