My eating habits are pretty appalling. I’ve always been a ‘fussy eater’ and have struggled to try new foods. All the foods that I do seem to like are unhealthy and ‘fast food’ style. I’ve put on two stone in the past 2 years and no longer fit into the clothes I have. Resulting in me buying new clothes and spending a fortune. What I want to do now is try and get some sort of healthy eating going on and attempt to lose at least a stone to get back to a weight where I feel comfortable.

“I don’t have time to cook a meal, I’ll just get a takeaway instead”
This is certainly one of my biggest downfalls. I love fast food. I probably buy food out at least 5 days a week. I would probably feel sick to my stomach if I really knew just how much I was spending on takeaways a month. This is one habit that HAS to stop.

Resolution: Make time! It doesn’t take that long to cook a meal at home and I will be saving a fortune as well.

“I’m Hungry” *Eats a packet of crisps
Snacking instead of eating a meal is something I probably do nearly every day. If I’m hungry I will eat loads of snack foods instead of just making myself a nice lunch. The packet of crisps I have just eaten hasn’t filled my hunger and then I’ll eat some chocolate.

Resolution: Stop snacking and start cooking! Make a light lunch that will keep energy levels up for longer than reaching for the biscuit tin.

“I’m thirsty” *Drinks a glass of Coke
Another one of my great downfalls is my love for the fizzyness that is Coca Cola. I probably get through 2 litres of the stuff in a week. Which is no good for my health and my poor teeth. Not great for my bank balance either as this stuff doesn’t come cheap.

Resolution: Drink more water! Water is calorie free and much healthier for the body. I definitely need to up my intake of water.

“I don’t like the gym and there’s no other way to exercise”
I did join the gym in January and I was really good at going when I first started out but over a few months the novelty wore off and I completely lost interest just as I was starting to see some results, which makes no sense. I really wasn’t a fan of the gym unless I had someone to go with.

Resolution: Go for a walk. Ok I’m not running a marathon but walking somewhere instead of driving will burn off more calories and it doesn’t cost anything to do.

“I hate wasting food so feel I have to eat everything on my plate”
I’m very guilty of this. I will eat until I’ve eaten so much that I make myself feel faint and sick. Since having my boyfriend move in with me I always eat the same size portions as him and I really don’t need to.

Resolution: Don’t pile the plate high. Start small and if your still hungry have a little bit more. If you start with loads on your plate you are more likely to feel obliged to eat it all.

So that’s my list to get me started. I’m not going to try and make a million and one changes straight away because that will just end in a train wreck. A cheat day will also be a must to give me something to look forward to and hopefully keep me on the right track.

What are your bad eating habits? Have you tried to curb them before? Were you successful?

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  1. October 24, 2014 / 5:17 pm

    I am guilty of all these things and it also shows on my skin. I really have to make some changes. Great post and will try to stick to it.


  2. October 26, 2014 / 12:03 pm

    I've put on about half a stone recently, where I've been so stressed I've used it as an excuse to stop eating healthily and working out. I'm determined to get back to my weight and feel better though! Good luck 🙂

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

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