Stuck In A Rut…

I have found myself the last few days struggling to find any real willpower to do anything. I have spent 3 solid days in bed and when I do try to get up and do something I just feel drained and end up back in bed. Once I get into this cycle I struggle to motivate myself to get back out of it. I find that I get bored of the things that once excited me and I am quite happy to just be left alone.

I’m going to attempt to break this bad cycle tomorrow by getting up early and just doing something simple like put the washing out on the line. It may seem like the most simple thing to do but I’m going to try and get out of this rut slowly. If I bombard myself with too many things to do I normally see the cycle form full circle and I’m back to lazing in bed all day before I know it.

So just a quick update post really as not a lot has happened. Hopefully I’ll be back to ‘normal’ soon.


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