My Small Accomplishment…

I actually got out of bed and did something today! Wahoo, Success! So of course I gave myself that little treat I promised if I managed to do everything on my list.

Dairy Milk Chocolate Giant Buttons
I will be enjoying these tonight whilst painting my nails and watching catch-up hollyoaks!

Ok I might be teeny tiny white lying to myself as I didn’t actually do everything on the list.

This was my to do list I wrote yesterday for today:

Tomorrow’s to attempt do list:

  • Get the fuck out of bed and stop going back to it all day long – DONE
  • Update website and add some new products to the online store – DONE
  • Do a small food essentials shop – DONE
  • Visit the Library and ask if they have ‘Love Letters to the Dead’ in yet – DIDN’T EVEN ATTEMPT
  • Go to doctors appointment – DONE
  • Write a blog post detailing your failure success – DONE DONE DONE!

So all in all it was actually a successful day for me! This list writing malark does seem to work for me when I feel a little lost. The treat if I complete the list also is a motivator. Ok, Ok I didn’t do the whole list and I live across the road from the library but I did do 100% of everything else so it’s fine. I’m allowed the milk chocolate giant buttons.. mmm!

Something absolutely hilarious happened today as well and I’m going to post about that tomorrow!



  1. October 3, 2014 / 4:13 pm

    I'd love to see a link to the food shop 🙂

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