Life & The World Wide Web : Putting It All Out There

I find it quite scary that today’s generation don’t think twice about putting details of themselves online. Generation Z as they are know have access to every form of social media right at their fingertips from a very young age.

But is all they see true? Do they really believe that everything they view online is reality?

There are so many bloggers and vloggers around these days that we get a glimpse into the life of some of the ladies and gentlemen that have made a career from what they do, write and say. Having followed vloggers such as Zoella, Louise, Gabby & Alfie it’s amazing to see what they get up to day to day and how their lives have been shaped and moulded by becoming Youtube celebrities.

I have spent this month watching Zoella’s vlogs so far and enjoy seeing what she gets up to day to day. I don’t normally read the comments that others have left but I started scrolling through some of them on one of her ‘less busy’ days. Someone had written a comment regarding how Zoella never puts up any videos on her other channel and seems to do very little with her day. The person who left this comment also referred to herself as a vlogger and felt that the time and effort she put into her vlogs was no where near what Zoe put in.

I was quite shocked by what I had read and couldn’t believe that someone who is vlogging and who should understand the time and effort that is put into vlogs was criticising a fellow vlogger. I read a few of the replies to the girl and the majority seemed to disagree with her although there were a few who left more rude comments.

Blogging & Vlogging all take time and work to get them to a standard that an individual considers ‘good enough’ to publish to the world wide web. Remember what you see of someone’s daily vlog is not their entire day. Zoe’s vlogs are normally over 10 minutes long but in a 24 hour day that is a very small time frame and a lot of other things happen in that time that are not featured or mentioned in her vlog.

We need to realise that what we see online is a very small part of a person. It is an online persona that will often show the positive attributes of a person. We are able to sculpt and mould ourselves to appear as we wish and to produce a final product that contains the best of ourselves. If I took a photo of what I ate for tea last night it would hardly be the beautiful instagram snaps you see of healthy salad based meals. You would instead get a photo of a lasagne and chips from the local pub. Amazingly appetising but not that photogenic.

I think people forget that blogs are a creative outlet for many and that the person behind that blog may not want you to see their failures and flaws.

This was just a Monday evening me that wanted a rant / write about what I feel about sharing your life online.


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