All Quiet on the Western Front…

My life has gone into a quiet lull. Nothing much really seems to be happening. I launched the website 6 days ago and have had a lot of traffic via my Facebook Page but no orders as of yet.

My Ebay page is currently still ticking over and I’ve sold a lot on there the past two months but it’s gone a bit quiet now. I’ve lost my enthusiasm slightly and haven’t listed anything new in over 2 weeks.

It’s also gone quiet on the acting front and I have nothing else lined up for the coming days or weeks either. Bit gutted about that as that extra income is great.

On the plus side I’ve started working for a family business. I’m running a music school in the evenings to give my Father a bit of a break as he works too hard!

So I’ve had plenty of time to contemplate about how life is going. Am I content? Am I happy? I’m definitely in a better place than I was a few months ago before starting this blog. I’ve had a few low points in my life but that period was up there in the top 2. My lowest point is still something that quite frankly terrifies me. I ended up being hospitalized with a severe panic attack and I’ve never felt more like I was dieing than that moment. It was horrific!

I really want to get back into auditioning and castings again but I feel like I’m not physically right for it yet. Back when I used to go to castings on quite a regular basis I was slim. I was 6ft tall and weighed a mere 8st. I don’t want to be that thin again but maybe shift a few pounds to feel better in myself and then sign up to an Agent for some work.

I feel like I should read more aswell. I read so many good books when I went on 2 holidays this year and they motivated me more than anything. I really need to get back into that. Love Letters to the Dead is on my to buy list so I think I’ll start with that and see how it goes.

That’s all there is to say really. Any help and suggestions or getting me more motivated would be appreciated.


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