A Questionably Successful Day…

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I was up earlier than the last few days and felt marginally motivated. I managed to actually get out of bed before 10am and put the clothes (that had been in the washing machine for 3 days) out on the line.

This is kind of where the motivation took a dramatic halt. I had some breakfast and watched catch-up tv on the sofa for a while and then ended up back in my safe haven… bed.

I then felt guilty that I had done nothing and it was creeping into the afternoon. I then managed to pull myself together and change the bedding.

That is all I have managed! I feel kind of pathetic that’s all I attempted but it is an improvement on the few days before.

I think my best bet is to set myself a few goals for the day and if I accomplish them to reward myself in some small way. I’m thinking a new lipstick, nail varnish or even a sharing bag of my favourite chocolates might work.

Tomorrow’s to attempt do list:

  • Get the fuck out of bed and stop going back to it all day long
  • Update website and add some new products to the online store
  • Do a small food essentials shop
  • Visit the Library and ask if they have ‘Love Letters to the Dead’ in yet
  • Go to doctors appointment
  • Write a blog post detailing your failure success

Your reward : A Sharing pack of Dairy Milk Giant Buttons ♥

Good Luck Future Tomorrow Neesha

P.S Also just found out I didn’t get the job that I went for an interview for like over a month ago! Thanks for finally getting back to me. Hm.


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