Would You Pose Nude?

Since signing up with 3 different casting agencies here in the UK I have had a lot of texts and emails asking if I am prepared to go nude. I have already stated on my profile that I would not be comfortable acting in a nude scene but would go in bra and underwear but they still seem to text me at least once a week asking.

The casting agencies that I have signed up with are all reputable companies and I have done work with one of them so far. I know that the jobs they are contacting me with are all for legitimate companies filming a TV Series in Wales.

So why the need for this post? It’s not that it annoys me that I am constantly being asked but it is kind of off putting. I find it quite desperate of the company to contact me even though I have already answered No to the posing nude question.

When I was filming on Monday there was a large group of about 30 men and women who were all in the same studios as myself filming a brothel type scene. Many of the men and women were completely nude for the scene or very partially covered up. A lot of the girls were about my age and had never posed nude for anything before. Some of them seemed completely un-fazed by it all and were very confident in going in front of others nude. There were however some other girls who I could tell were uncomfortable and were stating how nervous they were as this was their first professional job.

My advice to anyone who is not 100% confident – Don’t do it! No matter what anyone has told you about a casting agency not using you if you say no to too many jobs, or if you say no to anything they will never use you. This is a lie. They would rather use girls who are confident and just get on with the job on set to ensure they get the take they need as quick as possible with no fuss and hassle.

I know that I wouldn’t be able to stand in a room with other actors who are also naked and then have 20 crew members also watching and making sure everything looks right for the scene. The other fact is I would not want any family or friends to see the television programme with my nude self in it.

This post is by no means to say do not do it at all, but if you even slightly second guessing yourself or think maybe it’s not right for you. I suggest you just say No. Other roles will always come up and you will have a much more enjoyable experience as an extra if you are comfortable in what you are doing.

This is my own personal opinion and in no way a derogatory post to those who have posed nude for anything whether it be for art, photography or acting purposes e.t.c. I salute you for having the confidence that I feel I will never have with my body. And if you enjoy doing it then go for it!


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