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I’ve always been into Drama and acting and was part of a stage school for a number of years before starting the world of work. I had an agent and was put into the Spotlight book which is used by castings and directors to find people that they would like to see for particular roles. I never got any main parts but had lots of experience appearing on film sets and television series as a supporting artist. These are basically the people you see in the background of programmes who don’t speak any lines but are there to make the scene look bigger and more realistic.

I decided to sign up with a few casting agencies and try my hand at some extra work again. I signed up with The Casting CollectiveMad Dog Casting & Phoenix Casting Agency. I then waited to see what would happen next.

Within 48 hours my profile on the Casting Collective had been approved and I was now part of their books. It wasn’t long after that I got my first text message asking if I would be comfortable appearing in underwear for a long running medical drama. I politely declined the offer but said I was fully available for any other work.

A week later I got a text asking if I was available for 2 dates in July to film a television programme in it’s third series. Filming was taking place just 20 minutes from my house and as easy as that I was booked on the shoot. The pay for a day on set was £95 and a day can be anything up to 12 hours of work. They are very long days and there can be a lot of hanging around involved but I really enjoy it and being unemployed I have nothing better to do with my time so why not get paid to do something easy for the day.

If your available at short notice and as and when required then being an extra is definitely something to try.
I’m hoping to get a few more things lined up in the mean time. The only real downside is it can take up to 12 weeks to get paid.

Has anyone tried their hand at extra work? Do you know of any other good agencies to sign up with?


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