Selling My Life On Ebay

This seemed the obvious first choice for me to try and make some money to keep my head above water. I am entitled to a measly £57.31 by JSA which doesn’t even cover the rent let alone all the other bills. Nightmare! I live with my boyfriend and as he has a full time job I am not entitled to any help with my housing costs. I do not want to rely solely on him to pick up all the costs just because he is the one working.

I’ve used Ebay on and off for years but when I signed back into my account I noticed that a few things have changed. You now get 20 free listings / scheduled listings a month. Well that definitely helps! Ebay’s cost for just listing an item are a minimum of £0.35 and that adds up if you have a lot of things you want to sell.

So I took to work sorting out all the clothes I no longer wear and I was ruthless! In the first week of raiding the house I managed to find around 100 items that I could list on Ebay! Brilliant! I gathered together things like clothes, unused make-up, books, shoes, unopened Christmas and Birthday presents. These were things just laying about the house that I hadn’t even given a thought to for ages. They all had to go!

I piled them all onto Ebay and the money started rolling in. The only thing I hadn’t considered were paypal fees, Ebay selling & postage fees as well as the cost of posting the items themselves. The expenses were also adding up bringing my profit way lower than I had anticipated.

I still have 69 items up on Ebay for sale and have made a profit of £114.41 so far. Sadly that’s not enough money to keep me a float and eventually I am going to run out of items of my own to sell.

Conclusion: Ebay is great if you want to make some quick money but I don’t see it being a long term solution for me. I will continue to try and use the 20 free listings a month but I don’t think it’s ever going to make me a millionaire.

If anyone has any tips on something else I can try to make some quick money I would love to hear from you.


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