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Such a good link up idea by Helene from Helene In Between & Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars. If your not already involved I suggest you get cracking and follow the hashtag #GuiltyTotalSocial for this months My Guilty Pleasure link up.

Let the embarrassment commence:

1. I am THE biggest Hollyoaks fan. I’ve only been following the show for a year now but I am totally hooked! I can’t get enough of the damn programme and am always on tender hooks until the last line of the episode which is almost always a DUN DUN DUNNNN moment! I literally scream at the telly and want to know what’s going to happen for the characters next. 

2. ‘I’m Neesha and I’m addicted to Coke’. Coca cola that is. I drink the stuff every single day. I’m not proud of it and it’s probably ruining my insides but it’s the only thing I really enjoy drinking.

3. I love watching ‘Fail Videos’ & ‘Scare Cams’. Extremely mean of me laughing at other peoples misfortune that happened to be captured on camera… but I LOVE it! I just love seeing peoples reactions! I feel like a terrible person right now.

4. I am also addicted to Mc Donald’s. If they gave out gold cards for loyalty and long term service then I would be the proud owner of one. I probably have had a Mc Donald’s a week since turning 16. It’s always the same thing that I get though. A Big Mac Meal with a Coke and a free student cheeseburger! Alllll the burgers for me <3

5. I love ‘Boo’ The worlds cutest dog. If I could decorate my home anyway I liked I would dedicate one room just to Boo. He is so damn cute and just seeing a picture of him makes me want to cry. He’s been my phone background for years. I also have a little plush toy of him, a calendar, a lunch box, a mug and his book! Completely and utterly obsessed with a dog!

6. DISNEY! Need I say anymore? Well I will anyway. I love every disney film ever made and intend to one day own them all on DVD. It may take a while and a fair amount of money but the goal is there waiting to be reached. My all time favourite disney film is The Little Mermaid.

7. I collect fridge magnets. Since moving into my own home two years ago every time I go on holiday I buy a fridge magnet with that countries name on to add to my collection. I’ve also asked close friends and family members that when they go away to somewhere I haven’t yet been that they get a fridge magnet for me. Hopefully one day my fridge will be covered in them from places all over the globe.

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