Monday Job Centre Trip & Ebay Listings

Monday is my favourite day of the week (said no one ever!) Monday is my sign on day at the job centre. Oh the joys of being unemployed. They ask the same questions every week and I give the same answers then I sign on a piece of paper and am free to leave for another week. I’ve been applying for any Receptionist or Admin role that I see but the thought of actually getting any of these jobs makes me queasy. None of them seem even remotely appealing and I feel like I’m constantly selling myself short. I don’t really know what exactly it is that I want to do as a career but anything that doesn’t involve having to make small talk with people all day would be brilliant. I know those roles don’t exist even though someone jokingly made the comment about being a lighthouse keeper and I seriously considered it. How anti social of me.

So the mundane task of attending the job centre was out of the way and I could focus on having a productive day. I had a message from Ebay offering me 100 free listings until midnight on Monday so I snapped up the chance and got to work. My friend Vicky had given me a bag of clothing to sell for her so I photographed all the items and then painstakingly uploaded them with as much detail as possible onto Ebay. I had 18 items in total and I think it took me just under an hour to do in total. Not bad at all! I’ve agreed with Vicky that I will take 5% of the total profit before expenses and then the rest is for Vicky. Win, win situation all around.

Ebay Items for Sale

I also had a text message from the Casting Collective to do some more filming work for a TV Series next Monday so I don’t have to go down the job centre, wahoo!

Now I just need something productive to do tomorrow. Any suggestions?


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