Mini Primark Haul August & New Piercing

So yesterday I went into town with 3 friends and we had all planned to get our helix pierced. I already had mine done once so I was going to get a second one below the one I already had. There was an offer on at Blue Banana to get a piercing done for £10! So we all jumped at the chance and took the plunge.

I was extremely nervous about getting it done as the last time I had my tragus done it bled so much that I fainted in the waiting room. This time turned out to be no different. The pain of the actually piercing was minimal and as I walked out of the room I thought I was fine, until I saw the blood on the tissue paper she had given me. I suddenly felt really dizzy and sick and even with a bottle of coke on standby to try and get some sugar in me that was it I was gone. The staff there were extremely helpful and got me back onto the piercing bed to lie down and elevate my legs. I’m quite pleased with the spacing on the piercings but I won’t be getting anything done for another few years now. Safe to say it was a highly embarrassing day so of course I deserved to treat myself to some retail therapy! Well that was my excuse to browse Primark anyway.

Here are some of the items that I picked up in Primani! (Inside Joke)

First up I picked up this monochrome coca cola t-shirt with a floral background. I’m a huge coke fan and definitely drink way more of the stuff than I should so I just couldn’t leave this on the shelf. It didn’t break the bank either at just £6.

I also purchased 3 pairs of underwear (not that interesting) But for the price I think Primark underwear is great. These were £1 each.

These are my favourite buy of the day! Black croc effect skater shoes. I’ve seen an almost identical pair in Topshop but the price tag for those is £20. My Primark alternative cost a mere £7! Bargain of the day. So very very happy with these.

I used to have a small silver heart necklace that I picked up from Ebay but I can’t find it anywhere! So when I saw this little dainty silver necklace with a ‘kiss’ on it I had to get it. It was only £1.50 and I’m pretty sure I’m going to get my wear out of it.

So that is my very mini Primark haul which totalled up to £17.50.I knew I couldn’t go overboard in Primark like I normally do as I just don’t have that kind of money coming in any more but I really needed a little pick me up after my traumatic experience of the morning.

Last night I also went out for drinks with the girls and partners. We went to our local pub and I wore this Orange Shirt from George at Asda which was £10. I paired it with some skinny jeans and some leopard print loafers from Primark. I love that the shirt isn’t sheer like most these days. I didn’t need to wear a vest top under it so a big win in my books.

All in all a very succesful day and a happy Neesha. Monday will be back to reality and attending the job centre to sign on. Urgh. Not looking forward to that one bit. What little things cheer you up and don’t break the bank?


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