Lazy Sunday & On Set Monday

Sunday was a mega lazy day. I ended up going back to bed in the afternoon and slept for four hours! That boot sale seriously took it out of me. Sunday evening I watched the Shawshank Redemption with my boyfriend.. What an amazing film. So that was pretty much my whole Sunday.

I was up at 8am on Monday and took my regular Monday strut down to the Job Centre to sign on. I was pretty excited as I was filming as an extra in a TV Series in the afternoon and couldn’t wait to see the set.
The call time was 1:30 pm which is quite a late one as most call times are normally between 6&7 am. I was a bit worried that they might keep us for the full 12 hours that we are paid a day rate for as I didn’t bring any food with me.

There was a bit of hanging around when I got to the studios before I was ushered into wardrobe. I must say my costume was fabulous in a period drama esque kind of way. I ended up doing about 3 different costume changes before the Head of Wardrobe was happy with what I was wearing. At one point I had 3 people all clambering round me, one pulling and tugging me into a corset style top, one dirtying up my shoes and the other tying a belt round my waist. I felt like a real actor haha

After Costume were happy with my final outfit I was whisked away to hair and make-up. Unfortunately I was not playing a regal character so was muddied up to look like I had a tough life on the farm or something. Once the lady in hair and make-up was done with me I really looked like I had been through the wars.

There was some more hanging around then until about 6pm when it was tea time. The group of extras I was with hadn’t done any work yet by this point and we were already being fed. Success! The food on set is always really nice and there is plenty of choice. I had pasta bolognese and it was pretty epic. We were rushed through food and then it was straight down to set.

They had 3 scenes that needed to be filmed with two of the main actors. I was only used in the second scene and they managed to get the shot they wanted within 3 takes. By 8:30 pm that had called wrap time and we were all bustled back to base to sign our sheets, change back into our normal clothes and head home.

Amazingly successful day on set and I wasn’t there until the early hours of the morning. Unfortunately not all days are like that where you film one scene and then your done for the day. Hopefully I will get a call for something else soon.


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