Ikea Homeware Wishlist #1

What should pop through my letterbox this morning? The latest Ikea catalogue! Great. A magazine full of things I want but cannot currently afford. Normally the things I see that I really like I always forget about so I thought I would make a wish list on here to revert back to when I can afford a shopping trip to Ikea.

These three items are part of a set ‘Tvingen’. The shower picture is a bath towel, the toothbrush is a hand towel and the yellow duck is a washcloth. These are not something I necessarily need but they are so cute I want them all!

Bath Towel – £8

Hand Towel – £4

Wash Cloth – £1

I love both these bedding sets. I currently am alternating between two so buying more is a must! The Blue Floral one is pretty expensive for a quilt cover so that may need to be something I treat myself too out of Christmas and Birthday money.

Bright Clouds Quilt Cover – £30
Blue Floral Quilt Cover – £70

Now that I am the proud owner of a beautifully up-cycled dressing table I need a seat to go with it. I really love the look of this stool. Although I would prefer something with a back to it, I like that the cover is machine washable.

White Stool – £30

The item every beauty blogger owns and I want it! It’s actually designed by Ikea to be a plant pot but beauty bloggers across the globe use it to store make-up brushes in and it looks amazing. And at under £2 it certainly doesn’t break the bank.

White Plant Pot – £1.90

That’s my wishlist for now. I’m bound to see more I want over the next few months. Hopefully I can do a big Ikea shop in the new year!

*All images used have come directly from the Ikea.com Website.



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