Ebay Sales Update

Since the 1st of August I have managed to make a profit of £110.10 by selling 23 items. Working out at roughly £4.80 per item. That’s not too bad but I’d like the sale figures to be higher as some items have only been selling for 99p. I’m going to spend most of today researching the most searched for phrases and words on Ebay and see if I can include them in any of my listings. I still have 61 items listed on Ebay which are all due to end over the next 7 days.

I’ve really run out of things to sell now so I decided to offer my close friends the chance for me to use my time to list their items for a small percentage of the sales figure. I’ve got a bag of clothing off one friend and as soon as I get some more free listings I am going get the pictures and upload her items and try and get the best price for them I can. The higher I can sell the items for the more money I will make for myself and my friend. I see it as a win win situation. I’ve also created a spreadsheet for the girls to have once the items have sold so they can see the profit and expenses on each of their items.

My goal for the next few days is to get some good pictures of the clothes, research some key terms to use in the listings and sell, sell, sell (hopefully!)

I’ve also planned to do a bootsale with the girls next weekend for any larger items that are so convenient to post and also to try and shift any of the items that did not sell already on Ebay.

Has anybody got any top tips for selling on Ebay to maximize my sales figure?


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