Car Boot Sale & Trying not to spend

Saturday morning I was up at 20 to 5! My alarm wasn’t set to go off until 5 but my body clock seemed to know I had something important to do. I had already packed the car the night before with everything I needed for the boot sale so nothing was a last minute rush.

Myself and a friend both took separate cars. Mine was full anyway so there was no room for anything else in it! We got to the boot sale by about 5 to 6 and already the car park it was being held in was practically full! Some people were also already out buying things, crazy fools! It was too damn early for that nonsense. I dread to think what time some of the other sellers got there as when we pulled up they were completely set up and selling things. Once we pulled up into our spaces they only let another 10 cars in behind us and then they were full. I was glad we left when we did otherwise we would have been turned away and that would have been an absolute waste of a morning!

I forgot to take pictures of our set up, damn it! But we had A LOT to sell. We spread out across the two cars and our floor and table area were full of things to sell. We joked about how many books we had and how we could open a library.

It was a bit of a slow start but by about 8 o’clock it really started picking up. At one point there were about 6 people asking us all at the same time how much something was. It was crazy but the money was rolling in.

We treated ourselves to some welsh cakes which were amazing and a burger at 11am. Both were delicious and well deserved I thought.

I was so tempted to buy things whilst we were there but I kept reminding myself that the point was to get rid of things not to come back with more. We managed to sell quite a lot of things but I still have plenty left for another boot sale which we will be doing in the next fortnight. Maybe that time I will remember to take some pictures.

All in all a very successful day. I got rid of clutter and made £51.19 doing it. So I’m not a millionaire just yet but was pleased with how much I managed to get rid of.


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