A Simply Blah Wednesday…

So yesterday I had all these great plans to get up early and make some big money by listing a million and one items on Ebay and be super productive… but it just didn’t happen.

I got up around half 9 and still felt exhausted. I managed to drag myself to the shower and get somewhat ‘ready’ for the day. After that the rest of the day seems kind of like a haze now. I really don’t remember what I actually did between 10 & 2. I know I was in the house but I don’t know how I managed to waste 4 hours doing absolutely nothing.

My mother came over at 2 and had some items for me to go through to see what could go onto Ebay and what items were suitable for the boot sale. It took a good 20 minutes to sort through the 3 bags of clothing and I have a lot of work to do the next time I get free listings on Ebay. I think I’ve got around 120 items that I need to list! God help me!

I think my Mother could see I was kind of having a down day and offered to take me and my boyfriend out for a curry that night along with my Father. This cheered me up a bit as I had something to look forward to that evening and I do love a curry!

I have no idea what I’m going to do tomorrow. Hopefully I can start photographing all the items for selling so when it comes to listing them at least half of the work is done.

Does anyone have any good pick me ups or tips and tricks for getting through a ‘bad day’?


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